92-year-old ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant steals the show — and all the prize money — with impressive performance that Vanna White called her ‘favorite’ ever

During a team event on Tuesday’s Wheel of Fortune, a 92-year-old mother and her son not only won more than $65,000 in prize money, but they also won over the hearts of hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White, along with viewers watching in the studio and at home.

The theme for WoF this week is Home for the Holidays and features three teams of two instead of the normal three single contestants. And going up against a brother-brother team and a sister-sister team was the mother-son team of Liz and KC Wright.

Here’s how the game played out.

Meet Liz

KC described his mother like this:

“She spent the first 88 years of her life in Oklahoma with my dad. They, for 62 years, traveled the world, a hundred countries and seven continents. He passed, she moved down five years ago to be with me. And I say, you know, the first 18 years of my life you taught me how to use a spoon, do all the things, watch Wheel of Fortune. And then the last five years I’ve been able to try to give something back to her.”

As for KC, Liz called him “the greatest father in the world.”

See Liz dominate

Immediately following the contestant introductions, Liz got the next puzzle right in the game which was, THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME.

“That’s this,” Liz said, referring to being on the show.

Sajak, meanwhile, was visibly impressed by the puzzle-solving and said, “You’re just toying with us aren’t you, Liz?”

Later in the game, Liz also correctly guessed the puzzle HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, and earned a trip to the island of Antigua in the process. Her correct puzzle answers combined with a couple that KC solved, were good enough for $25,500 in prize money and a trip to the Bonus Round.

Liz chose the category Food and Drink for the final puzzle and sure enough, the second word had the pair stumped until she figured out that it was DRIZZLED HONEY, much to the delight of the audience. After Sajak revealed that they added $40,000 to bring their total to $65,500 plus the trip he said, “You know the longer I’m with this show, the less I understand it.”

Sajak left Liz and KC to celebrate with family and the cameras picked up Liz saying to KC, “Okay, do you think your dad would be proud of us?”

People love Liz

Sajak and White not only enjoyed Liz’s performance, but White appeared on TikTok with Liz to reveal that this was White’s favorite show she’s worked on in 41 years because Liz made it “so special.”

“Well it couldn’t have happened without you,” Liz replied.

Plus, viewers reacting on social media were loving Liz too, with many calling it one of their favorite Wheel episodes ever.

And the feeling was mutual, as KC took to X (formerly Twitter) to give his thoughts on the night, writing:

“Mom (Liz) & I are so incredibly blessed with this experience. The entire Wheel of Fortune team and family are amazing.”

Goodbye to Liz

The episode ended with Sajak and White back onstage and sitting in chairs with Liz, where she revealed that she’d been watching the show since “day one when it came on in Oklahoma City.”

Sajak signed off by telling her, “Well, you played extremely well and it was a great honor to have you here. And we really appreciate you continuing to watch. And stay in touch, ok?”

“I would love to,” she replied with a smile and a laugh.

Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays, check your local listings.

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