Australian Open LIVE: Latest scores and updates as Novak Djokovic survives scare against Dino Prizmic

Novak Djokovic survived a huge scare on the opening day of the Australian Open as the defending men’s champion held off the challenge of 18-year-old qualifier Dino Prizmic.

The 10-time Australian Open winner, who is targeting a record 25th grand slam title in Melbourne this month, was forced to produce his best tennis in a physical match by an inspired opponent as Djokovic battled to a 6-2 6-7 6-3 6-4 win in just over four hours – the longest first-round match Djokovic has ever played at a grand slam.

But there was more than a hint of an upset on the cards as the underdog Prizmic, ranked 178th world, broke Djokovic to lead the match midway through the third set. From there, the 36-year-old responded in typically clinical style – winning the next eight games in a row to dismiss his young challenger as he finally got over the line.

Britain’s Jodie Burrage was unable to build on a good start as her Australian Open debut ended with a first-round loss to German Tamara Korpatsch, however, with the British number two losing the last seven games in a 2-6 6-3 6-0 defeat.

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Australian Open LIVE: Latest scores and updates

  • Australian Open underway as play begins on a Sunday for first time

  • Champions Novak Djokovic and Aryna Sabalenka begin title defences tonight

  • Novak Djokovic survives scare against 18-year-old Dino Primzic in four-hour battle

  • Britain’s Jodie Burrage knocked out on Australian Open debut after late collapse

  • Fourth seed Jannik Sinner through after straight-sets win over Botic van de Zandschulp

  • Former Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini out of Australian Open with foot injury

  • Andrey Rublev survives fifth-set tiebreak to advance against Thiago Seyboth Wild

  • Returning Caroline Wozniacki through to second round as Magda Linette retires

Australian Open LIVE

12:58 , Jamie Braidwood

So the men’s champion was given a scare by an 18-year-old qualifier, how about the women’s champion?

Aryna Sabalenka’s defence is underway against the 18-year-old German qualifier Ella Seidel. who so far has been unable to make the same first impression as Primzic.

Sabalenka leads 4-0 in the opening set and is looking very strong indeed.

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Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:57 , Jamie Braidwood

Novak Djokovic was given a scare by Croatian teenager Dino Prizmic in the longest first-round match of his grand slam career.

The world number one is a big favourite to win an 11th title at Melbourne Park, where he has not lost since 2018, but he dropped the second set as 18-year-old Prizmic showed what makes him a major talent for the future.

The qualifier was briefly a break up in the third set and kept battling after Djokovic stepped things up before the defending champion finally clinched a 6-2 6-7 (5) 6-3 6-4 victory on his seventh match point after four hours and one minute.

Report from Eleanor Crooks in Melbourne

Novak Djokovic survives scare against 18-year-old qualifier in Australian Open opener

Australian Open LIVE – Who is Dino Prizmic?

12:47 , Jamie Braidwood

Prizmic offered a glimpse of his talent when he won the junior Roland Garros title at the French Open last season, while he made his breakthrough on the ATP Challenger circuit – the level below the professional tour – when he won the title in Banja Luka.

But Prizmic still entered the season ranked 178 in the world and very much an unknown in the wider tennis world. The Croatian is from Split and came from the same tennis club where former Wimbledon champion – and Djokovic’s current coach –  Goran Ivanisevic also learned how to play the game.

Who is Dino Prizmic? The teenage qualifier who almost shocked Djokovic

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Here’s more from Djokovic: “I started off very well, for a 36-year-old. But when you think about it, jeez, I’m double his age. Reality hits hard tonight.

“I’m really trying to enjoy every moment on the court. I struggled in many different moments tonight. But it is credit to him and his game plan.

“He had an answer to everything, he was very physical. I had good moments. In some moments I wish I could have played better, more aggressively.

“It has been a very short off-season and I am still finding myself physically out on the court but I have a couple of days off before my next match so hopefully I will be able to be at my best for that.”

 (Getty Images)

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Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:27 , Jamie Braidwood

GAME, SET AND MATCH! Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 6-4 Prizmic

Let’s hear from Djokovic: “He deserved every applause that he got tonight – amazing player, so mature for his age, he handled himself incredibly well. This is his moment, honestly. It could have been his match as well, he was a break up in the third set. He fought from 4-0 down [in the fourth set] and break points down, He showed great mentality and resilience.

“He made me run for my money tonight, that’s for sure. I have a lot of compliments for him. I love the way he uses every inch of the court, he’s comfortable to come in, he defends incredible well. Just an amazing performance for someone who is 18 years old and has never had experience on this stage.

“I want to be in his corner. He’s going to make some big things in his career, that’s for sure. We are going to see a lot of him in the future.”

High praise indeed.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:20 , Jamie Braidwood

GAME, SET AND MATCH! Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 6-4 Prizmic

Djokovic actually beckons Prizmic to return to the court and soak in the applause of the Rod Laver Arena crowd. What a show he’s put on tonight.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:18 , Jamie Braidwood

GAME, SET AND MATCH! Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 6-4 Prizmic

Novak Djokovic gets his Australian Open title defence underway with a 29th victory in a row at Melbourne Park – but hats off to Dino Prizmic, who made this first-round clash a thrilling encounter at times on the opening day of the tournament!

Djokovic comes through in four hours but knows he was pushed to come up with what was close to his best level against the 18-year-old qualifier, who was playing a grand slam match for the first time in his career.

Djokovic trailed Prizmic by a break in the third set but then won eight games in a row to take control of a physically bruising battle, finally sapping the energy from his younger opponent.

Prizmic held on in the fourth set, saving four match points, but Djokovic gets the job done behind serve and will be very grateful to have two days of rest after this!

FOUR HOURS! Well played Dino Prizmic. The Croatian lands one last forehand winner facing match point but Djokovic, but the World No 1 gets the job done with one last effort.

There is so much respect from Djokovic towards his opponent at the net – and he earned it.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:09 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 5-4 Prizmic

Djokovic gets to 0-40 on the Prizmic serve but the Croatian saves them all! He’s started to stretch out his leg, though, as the cramps finally arrive. Can he hold on for one more game?

Another match point saved by Prizmic! This time behind a booming serve out wide to the Djokovic backhand.

And Prizmic holds on behind the second serve! After saving four match points, the 18-year-old gets away with the hold.

Unbelievably, this is going to be the LONGEST first-round match Novak Djokovic has ever played at a grand slam – and the 24-time champion has played a lot of them. We’re coming up to four hours now.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

12:04 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 5-3 Prizmic*

Hmm, maybe not. Djokovic holds to love and digs out some strong serving with a final ace out wide. This has been a great test for Djokovic, though, and given he gets two rest days before playing his second-round match on Wednesday, the Serbian would maybe say that this has been the perfect test.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:59 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 4-3 Prizmic

Tell you what, Prizmic has won three games in a row and will believe he is back in this as he hunts the break.

Approaching four hours now.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:55 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 4-2 Prizmic – Prizmic breaks!

Oh hello? After holding serve, Prizmic suddenly loosens up and takes on Djokovic stride for stride from the baseline and gets a look at two break points as Djokovic goes long.

Djokovic saves the first as he controls the point and steers the backhand into the far corner beyond Prizmic.

And then Prizmic clips the net tape to get the break! That’s one of the luckiest net tapes you will see all tournament – but it gets Prizmic back into the match!

This isn’t over just yet, it seems.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:43 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 4-0 Prizmic

The level from Djokovic is getting insane now. The 10-time champion lands an unbelievable slice volley at the net to stop the ball dead on Prizmic’s side.

Ace. Hold. 4-0.

Djokovic is cruising to the finish line.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:39 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 3-0 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks again!

It’s been some effort from Dino Prizmic tonight but Djokovic finally has the match under control. The Croatian has nothing left and Djokovic gets the double break as a pick-up volley at the net fails to clear the tape.

What a show Prizmic has put on, though.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:36 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 2-0 Prizmic*

Prizmic has looked tired since the early stages of this match but Djokovic has drained the 18-year-old of the very last of his reserves, and now he looks pretty done. Djokovic consolidates the break and, somehow, is actually getting stronger the longer the match goes on.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:30 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 1-0 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks!

Now can Prizmic go again and turn this into a classic? Djokovic will know a good start to this fourth set could put the 18-year-old away for good, and fights his way to deuce and Prizmic had found a brilliant forehand winner.

And now a volley into the net from Prizmic! That’s break point: and that is stupidly good from Djokovic, arrowing the forehands into the corners and sending Prizmic into a spin at the back of the court.

It’s brilliant defence, but Prizmic is left to go for a hail-mary of a backhand pass down the line – it’s wide and Djokovic gets the break to start the fourth set.

That could be the start of the end.

 (Getty Images)

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Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:17 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 6-3 Prizmic* – Djokovic wins the set!

This match… every time you think Djokovic is clear, Prizmic comes again. The 18-year-old gets to 0-30 against the Djokovic serve but it only goes to provoke the best of the champion, a thundering backhand down the line forcing Prizmic to lose his balance at the back of the court.

30-30, and still a chance: but this time Djokovic goes low and drops Prizmic with an angled slice.

Set point: another huge forehand down the line from Djokovic and as Prizmic loses control of the return, Djokovic lets out a mighty roar of celebration.

From a break down, Djokovic wins four games in a row to deny Prizmic and take the third set! Just as that was turning into a tricky point in the match, Djokovic closed the door.

But still, a 71-MINUTE third set brings up three hours on court so far. It’s been utterly thrilling but Djokovic, at 36, is still the hardest player in the world to break down.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:12 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 5-3 Prizmic* – Djokovic breaks!

Has the momentum turned again?! Djokovic saps Prizmic’s energy and sucks the life out of his oppponent from 30-0 down. Giving nothing away, Djokovic forces Prizmic into successive errors and then, on break point, unleashes his biggest forehand of the match. Prizmic can’t respond and Djokovic gets a second break in a row to take charge of this third set.

The champion points to his ear and the Rod Laver crowd responds.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

11:04 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 4-3 Prizmic*

What a match this is! Prizmic finds another gust of wind and roars back against the Djokovic serve to bring up two break points – which Djokovic duly saves, the second with a thumping ace.

Djokovic then forces the error on the Prizmic forehand – the Croatian continuing to be aggressive and shorten the point – and Djokovic edges in front again with Prizmic on the stretch out wide on the backhand.

How big could those chances be?

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:56 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 3-3 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks back!

Djokovic has changed his shirt – will it change the momentum? Well Prizmic’s level drops for the first time in about half and hour and he gaves away a couple of errors to allow Djokovic two break points.

But then such bravery from Prizmic! He lands a brilliant backhand winner down the line, then clips a lovely forehand pass after making Djokovic run out wide.


But you have to be so, so consistent against Djokovic and Prizmic lets his level drop again – this time he loses control of the backhand and sees the ball slip wide.

Djokovic again breaks straight back. Level again in this third set.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:50 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-3 Prizmic* – PRIZMIC BREAKS!

WOW. Suddenly Djokovic looks so nervous and Prizmic jumps on an error from the Serbian to get the break, and for the first time tonight LEAD THE MATCH!

Prizmic actually gave away a couple of cheap errors on earlier break points in that long deuce, but he held on impressively!

And finally, it’s Djokovic who blinks first! Advantage Prizmic and three games in a row for the 18-year-old, who is threatening something special here…

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:46 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-2 Prizmic

You can sense the excitement in the crowd now… something special could be unfolding on this opening day – especially as Prizmic whacks another winner past Djokovic to get back to deuce.

Djokovic points to his ear and he crushes another second serve – he can feel the excitement building too. But Prizmic is not letting him out easily and this is turning into an epic set.

40 minutes already…

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:40 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-2 Prizmic

Wow – this is a proper test for Djokovic in this third set! Prizmic stays aggressive and wins a brilliant exchange at the net thanks to his quick hands to get a look at 15-30…

Djokovic squeezes out a couple of easy points but Prizmic hangs on to get to deuce, where the uncharacteristic errors from Djokovic continue.

And suddenly it’s BREAK POINT Prizmic! Huge pressure on the Djokovic serve now… but he crushes the second serve down the middle! Deuce again.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:32 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-2 Prizmic

Prizmic consolidates the break, which is so important against Djokovic. The 18-year-old is absolutely in this third set and that was a solid hold, great serving and backed up by the aggressive forehand.

Is Djokovic worried? I don’t think so just yet.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-1 Prizmic* – Prizmic breaks!

WOW – brilliant from Prizmic to bounce back and get the break back! Djokovic played a loose point on 30-30 but Prizmic was relentless on break point as he pushed Djokovic to his limit! Excellent angles and aggression from the baseline, and Djokovic slumps over his knees as the forehand finds the net!

The concern for Prizmic is his body, though, and he’s called the trainer again. We’re already two hours into this first-round match.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 2-0 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks!

Ah… Djokovic breaks back as Prizmic gives away an absolutely gift of a service game, wrapped up with a double fault. It’s a reminder of how consistent you have to be against Djokovic – you can’t afford to drop your level for one second but Prizmic did there.

Meanwhile it’s a stunner of a night for this opening evening session in Melbourne.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 1-0 Prizmic

Almost a super start from Prizmic, who leapt into a flying forehand drive against Djokovic’s serve to get to 15-30, flashing the return right into the corner.

He’s then taken to deuce as Prizmic leaps and puts away the overhead – Djokovic gets away with the hold, but this is not going his way!

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-7 Prizmic – PRIZMIC WINS THE SECOND SET!

Extraordinary! What an achievement from the 18-year-old qualifier! He forces another error from Djokovic – the story of the tiebreak – as the Serbian sends his forehand wide! Such steel, and a reward for the Croatian after taking an aggressive approach to that second set!

We’re level!

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

10:03 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-6 Prizmic – tiebreak!

Incredible! Djokovic slumps a backhand into the net and it’s 5-2 to Prizmic! Big serve out wide from Prizmic… another huge forehand down the middle, and Djokovic is on the back foot. WIDE from Djokovic!

FOUR set points for the 18-year-old!

Suddenly it’s down to just one! Prizmic stretches on the forehand return and sends it long… but the qualifier has one serve left…

Prizmic can’t find his first serve… the second is in… setting up a tense backhand duel…

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:58 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-6 Prizmic – tiebreak!

What a START from Prizmic! Super aggressive play from the Croatian on both the return and serve and he edges in front with the mini-break early in the tiebreak! That was a brilliant forehand return, smacked at Djokovic, and the Serbian eventually gives up the backhand error.

Prizmic gives up a cheap forehand into the net on the next point to hand back the advantage… but Djokovic isn’t happy as he chucks a forehand long of the baseline.

Stunning from Prizmic! He chips an audacious backhand return and clips the net tape, and Djokovic can’t nudge the return over!

Prizmic LEADS at the change of ends. 4-2!

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:53 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 6-6 Prizmic – tiebreak!

Wow – another great service game from Prizmic, and the qualifier secures the tiebreaker against the 24-time grand slam champion! Prizmic finds a series of first serves and holds to love against Djokovic – the frustration I guess is that he couldn’t find that consistency when he broke earlier in the second.

At least he can attack this next game as Djokovic serves to force the tiebreak.

Djokovic returns the favour and holds to love… so onto a tiebreak we go.

Djokovic won 31 of 39 tiebreaks last season… which is an insane %.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:45 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 4-5 Prizmic

Could Prizmic get his way into a tiebreak? The 18-year-old holds serve impressively again on Rod Laver and forces Djokovic to hold to stay in this second set.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:36 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 3-4 Prizmic

That’s a big hold from Prizmic – who pumps his fist as he emerges from 30-30 and holds with an aggressive pair of forehands. The 18-year-old remains right in this second set and it’s a decent battle now on Rod Laver.

Australian Open LIVE – Wozniacki through!

09:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Caroline Wozniacki wins on her return to the Australian Open, but her first-round match comes to an early end as last year’s semi-finalist Madga Linette is forced to retire with Wozniacki 6-2 2-0 up.

The Wozniacki comeback story continues and she will play qualifier Maria Timofeeva in the second round.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:24 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 6-2 2-3 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks back!

Ah, but as Prizmic has just found out, breaking Djokovic is just half the battle. The world No 1 does what he so often manages to do and breaks straight back against the 18-year-old, who was unable to find a first serve there and was forced into a couple of loose shots from the back of the court.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 1-3 Prizmic* – Prizmic breaks!

Wow – sensational from Dino Prizmic! On 15-30 on Djokovic’s serve, the 18-year-old goes on the attack! As he comes into the net, Prizmic finds a sublime pick-up volley to set up two break points!

Drama! Djokovic is warned with a time violation as he faces the first break points of the match… Prizmic finds the return… and then a stunning crosscourt forehand winner past Djokovic! What a strike!

Prizmic breaks in this second set!

Australian Open LIVE – Wozniacki wins opening set on return

09:14 , Jamie Braidwood

Will this be the story of the day on the opening Sunday of the Australian Open? Caroline Wozniacki, a champion in Melbourne in 2018, is continuing her comeback this month after the former World No 1 retired from the sport in 2020. Two children later, Wozniacki came back to tennis last year and reached the last-16 of the US Open. Now, Wozniacki has won the first set against the 20th seed and last season’s Australian Open quarter-finalist Magda Linette, who has been forced to take an injury timeout during the opener on Margaret Court Arena.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

09:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Djokovic 6-2 Prizmic* – Djokovic wins the opening set

It’s all going as expected on Rod Laver Arena as Djokovic seals the opening set of his title defence with an ace. A 42-minute opening set from the Serbian and an impressive start against the young challenger.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

08:56 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 5-2 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks

An immaculate return game from Djokovic, and the world number one takes the double break in this opening set. Prizmic has not done much wrong, but Djokovic’s returning was so strong and then was then able to find his spots with effortless ease in the rallies. Prizmic found two good serves from 0-30, but Djokovic’s returns were too good. The 18-year-old shrugs as he walks back to his bench. What else can you do?

Australian Open LIVE – Trouble for Fritz?

08:49 , Jamie Braidwood

A big upset alert on the John Cain Arena – as 12th seed Taylor Fritz trails Facundo Diaz Acosta by two sets to one. Fritz got to the US Open quarter-finals last season but had early exits at the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon, and is in trouble again here.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

08:47 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 3-2 Prizmic

Oh. The trainer is out… but it’s not for Djokovic. Prizmic holds serve with his first ace of the match – but immediately calls for the trainer. There have been several long rallies in the match so far and I was just about to say that Djokovic’s wrist was going to get a proper test in this first-round match… but it’s the 18-year-old who is requiring early treatment.

The trainer is getting a massage on his left leg and has taken a medical timeout. Prizmic had to come through qualifying so has racked up a lot of time on court already this week.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

08:37 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 2-1 Prizmic

That should settle the young Prizmic, as the Croatian takes on Djokovic’s depth from the back of the court and emerges with his first hold of the match to get onto the scoreboard.

It’s hard to understate just how big an occasion this must be for Prizmic as he faces his idol.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

08:27 , Jamie Braidwood

*Djokovic 1-0 Prizmic – Djokovic breaks

Understandably, it’s a nervy start from the teenager as he takes on the 24-time grand slam champion, as a double fault sees Prizmic face 0-30 on serve. Djokovic is forced to bide his time after a couple of errors from the baseline but keeps the pressure on the Croatian and, on the third break point, gets his early reward. Prizmic is pushed into the backhand error into the net and Djokovic has the opening break.

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic vs Prizmic

08:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Here comes the 10-time champion. Djokovic’s dramatic deportation from Australia in 2021 feels like a long time ago as the defending Australian Open champion comes out onto Rod Laver Arena for the start of his title defence. The 36-year-old remains very popular in Melbourne Park and gets a huge ovation from the crowd as he prepares to get his bid for a 25th grand slam title underway against the 18-year-old Croatian qualifier Dino Prizmic.

Djokovic has won 28 matches in a row at the Australian Open and has not lost since 2018, so…. good luck Dino.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Djokovic reveals latest on wrist injury

08:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Novak Djokovic is optimistic his wrist problems are behind him as he prepares to start his bid for an 11th Australian Open title.

The world No 1 was hampered by a right wrist issue during an uncharacteristic loss to Alex de Minaur playing for Serbia at the United Cup earlier this month.

But he has been practising this week at Melbourne Park and said ahead of a first-round clash with Croatian teenager Dino Prizmic on Sunday: “My wrist is good.

“I had time from the last match against De Minaur in the United Cup to my first match here to recover. I’ve been training well. Practice sessions pain-free so far. It’s all looking good. Let’s see how it goes.”

Djokovic is no stranger to injuries in Melbourne, with an abdominal problem almost derailing him in 2021, while he played through last year’s tournament with a hamstring issue.

He still won the title on both occasions, and he said of the wrist: “It’s not as bad as some other injuries I had here – 2021 and last year I had worse injuries that I had to deal with.

“I can’t predict whether it’s going to come back. Once I start playing more matches, stress levels go higher. I don’t know. We have to find out.”

More here:

Novak Djokovic reveals latest on wrist injury ahead of Australian Open

Australian Open LIVE – order of play today

08:03 , Jamie Braidwood

Here’s what is coming up in the opening night session of the Australian Open – with two defending champions and the returning Caroline Wozniacki highlighting the action.

Rod Laver Arena

From 8am

Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic

Aryna Sabalenka vs Ella Seidel

Margaret Court Arena

From 8am

Magda Linette vs Caroline Wozniacki

Frances Tiafoe vs Borna Coric

John Cain Arena

From 8am

Taylor Fritz vs Facundo Diaz Acosta

Australian Open LIVE – Rublev avoids shock!

07:51 , Jamie Braidwood

RELIEF for Rublev! Sealed with an ace, the World No 5 falls to his back after surviving a huge test against an inspired Thiago Seyboth Wild.

Rublev had four match points before trailing the deciding tiebreak 4-1 and 6-4… but the Russian then found a couple of big, brave forehand returns to get the job done.

He’ll hope to kick on from here… Rublev of course is still aiming for his first grand slam semi-final and NINE quarter-final appearances.

It’s 7-5, 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 7-6 (6) for Rublev… and he’ll be grateful for an extra day of rest after that one.

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE – Rublev vs Seyboth Wild

07:48 , Jamie Braidwood

It’s neck and neck at 6-7 in the match decider, but Seyboth Wild missed a huge chance at the net when leading 6-4 but put his volley into the net!

Rublev is winning the key points as he looks to avoid the upset.

Australian Open LIVE – Rublev vs Seyboth Wild

07:39 , Jamie Braidwood

That’s INSANE!

Seyboth Wild saves FOUR match points from 5-6, 0-40 down against Andrey Rublev to force a MATCH TIEBREAK!

The Russian cannot believe it and will now need to keep his nerve against Seyboth Wild to avoid a mighty upset!

Australian Open LIVE – Rublev vs Seyboth Wild

07:25 , Jamie Braidwood

Rublev has managed to calm down and is asking more of the questions in the decider, but Seyboth Wild is hanging on impressively with some inspired play around the set.

The Brazilian saved three break points from 0-40 down early in the fifth and it remains on serve at 4-4 in the fifth.

Australian Open LIVE

06:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Fifth-set alert!

Andrey Rublev seemed to be cruising into the second round of the Australian OPen – but Thiago Seyboth Wild is having other ideas on Margaret Court Arena.

After the fifth set won the first two sets, Seyboth Wild has come storming back to level the match behind his huge forehand. Rublev is losing his temper, too.

The Brazilian always looked like being a potential banana skin for Rublev, as he defeated Daniil Medvedev in the first round of the Australian Open last year.

Could another upset be brewing this morning?

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Australian Open LIVE

06:59 , Jamie Braidwood

There’s been an early shock in the men’s draw as Marin Cilic, the former US Open champion, was beaten in four sets by 24-year-old Hungarian Fabian Marozsan – who was one of the few players not called Novak Djokovic to beat Carlos Alcaraz last season. .

Meanwhile, Czech ninth seed Barbora Krejcikova bounced back from a sluggish start in her first-round clash with Japan’s Mai Hontama, with the 2021 French Open champion coming through to win 2-6 6-4 6-3.

Australian Open LIVE – Matteo Berrettini OUT with foot injury

06:48 , Jamie Braidwood

Some sad news this morning as former Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini has been forced to pull out of the Australian Open with a foot injury.

The big-serving Italian, whose season was disrupted by injuries last season, had draw Stefanos Tsitsipas in a blockbuster round-one clash.

It means Berrettini has missed four out of the last eight grand slam tournaments.

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Matteo Berrettini out of Australian Open before Stefanos Tsitsipas clash with injury

Australian Open LIVE

06:43 , Jamie Braidwood

The match of the day may have already happened at Melbourne Park, after a brave challenge from Australian qualifier Dane Sweeny in a five-set defeat to the 22nd seed Francisco Cerundolo.

Sweeny, the world No 257, had the John Cain Arena on its feet and dreaming of an upset after winning the fourth set to force a decider, but Cerundolo came through to win 3-6 6-3 6-4 2-6 6-2 win.

Australian Open LIVE

06:33 , Jamie Braidwood

Former US Open finalist Leylah Fernandez is through to the Australian Open second round thanks to a 7-6(5) 6-2 win over Czech teenager Sara Bejlek.

“I’m just trying to enjoy the moment and not think about what I’ve done in the past or what I should be doing in the future,” said the 21-year-old, who was beaten by Emma Raducanu in the 2021 US Open final.

“I’m just going to try to enjoy the moment here with my team,” said Fernandez, who is now ranked 36th in the world.

Fernandez will play America’s Alycia Parks in round two on Wednesday.

Australian Open LIVE -Maria Sakkari races into second round

06:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Maria Sakkari struggled at the grand slams last season and the eighth seed’s best result at a major was making the third round of the Australian Open last January.

But the Greek will hope for an improved run this season and got her campaign off to a strong start with a 6-4 6-1 win over Nao Hibino of Japan on Rod Laver Arena.

Sakkari raced to victory in just 71 minutes.

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Australian Open LIVE – Jannik Sinner safely through

06:12 , Jamie Braidwood

Jannik Sinner got his Australian Open – and 2024 campaign – off to a winning start by beating Dutchman Botic van de Zandschulp 6-4 7-5 6-3.

The Italian fourth seed, and one of the contenders for Djokovic’s title this month, opted to skip the warm-up events ahead of the Australian Open after a busy end to last season with the ATP Finals and Davis Cup, with his only matches this year coming in exhibition events.

Sinner was rusty, but did enough to earn a straight-sets wins.

“First match of the season, so I think I can be happy with the way I played today,” Sinner said.

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(Getty Images)

Australian Open LIVE

06:07 , Jamie Braidwood

Play underway! It’s a historic Sunday in Melbourne as the Australian Open gets kicked off on the weekend for the first time. We’ll have all the latest scores and news, building up to the opening night session – which features the defending champions Novak Djokovic and Aryna Sabalenka.

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(Getty Images)

Australian Open

06:05 , Jamie Braidwood

Jodie Burrage was unable to build on a good start as her Australian Open debut ended with a first-round loss to German Tamara Korpatsch.

Burrage earned her spot in the main draw for the first time with a strong year in 2023 and she played with confidence and purpose to take the opening set as the year’s first grand slam made its maiden Sunday start.

But, as Korpatsch steadied, Burrage’s unforced error count began to rise and it was the German who came through.

The British number two lost the last seven games in a 2-6 6-3 6-0 defeat.

More here:

Late collapse costs Jodie Burrage in Australian Open debut

Australian Open

06:01 , Jamie Braidwood

Is the Australian Open on TV in the UK?

You can watch the Australian Open live on Discovery+ and Eurosport in the UK. The action will be broadcast on Eurosport’s TV channels, or fans can tune into Discovery+ to stream the tournament, where an Entertainment & Sport pass is available for either £6.99/month or £59.99/year.

If you’re travelling abroad and want to watch major sporting events, you might need a VPN to unblock your streaming app. Our VPN round-up is here to help and includes deals on VPNs in the market. Viewers using a VPN need to make sure that they comply with any local regulations where they are, and also with the terms of their service provider.

Good morning

06:00 , Jamie Braidwood

The Australian Open is underway with defending champions Novak Djokovic and Aryna Sabalenka headlining the action on the opening night on the Rod Laver Arena.

Djokovic won a record-extending 10th Australian Open last year after defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in straight sets in the final and the 36-year-old will be aiming to challenge for the ‘golden slam’ of all four majors and the Olympic gold medal this season.

The World No 1 will begin his Australian Open defence against a qualifier, the 18-year-old Croatian Dino Prizmic, who has the mighty task of attempting to beat a player in Djokovic who has not lost in Melbourne since 2018.

Sabalenka, meanwhile, won her first grand slam title when she defeated Elena Rybakina to win the Australian Open last year. The Belarusian, who is seeded second, behind Iga Swiatek, for her Australian Open defence, also opens her tournament against an 18-year-old qualifier in Germany’s Ella Seidel.

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