Bryce James, LeBron James’ youngest son, transfers back to Sierra Canyon in 3rd move of last 6 months

Bryce James’ time playing for Campbell Hall was brief. His time at Notre Dame was about the same length. (USA TODAY USPW / reuters)

Bryce James is going back to where his high school basketball career started, six months after leaving.

The youngest son of LeBron James is in the process of transferring back to Sierra Canyon High School, according to SB Live, the same school where he played as a sophomore last season alongside his older brother, Bronny.

The transfer completes a triangle of moves, in which Bryce transferred from Sierra Canyon to Campbell Hall in May and from Campbell Hall to Notre Dame in August. This will be his third transfer in six months.

James reportedly unenrolled from Notre Dame and returned his school equipment Tuesday, without having played a game for the school. He played summer basketball at Campbell Hall, but will now go back to Sierra Canyon, where he averaged 3.8 points per game for the varsity team as a sophomore.

Per SB Live, James was ruled ineligible at Notre Dame for half a season due to transfer rules, but will now be immediately eligible to play for Sierra Canyon.

Despite a lack of meaningful high school stats, the 6-foot-4, 165-pound James is considered a four-star recruit in the Class of 2025 by Rivals and holds scholarship offers from Ohio State, Duquesne and Notre Dame (University). Like Bronny, he already holds an NIL deal at Klutch Sports, which has long represented his father.

LeBron has also indicated he is interested in staying in the NBA long enough to play alongside Bryce in addition to Bronny.

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