‘Do people my age still knock boots?’ It was fantasy suite night on ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ where certain questions were answered

It was fantasy suite night on Thursday’s The Golden Bachelor, and what generally goes on in those suites was a pretty hot topic throughout the whole episode as Gerry geared up to take his relationships with the two remaining women to the next step.

With Costa Rica providing the beautiful backdrop, it was time for Gerry to really get to know Leslie and Theresa before a potential proposal to one of them during the finale episode. And from his opening chat with host Jesse Palmer through both dates, Gerry was very open and honest about what might be happening at the end of the night with both of them.

Here’s a look at how The Golden Bachelor put the “fantasy” into fantasy suite night.

Having “the talk” with Jesse Palmer

The episode kicked off with a sit-down chat between Gerry and Palmer, where the host asked Gerry what the fantasy suites meant to him.

“Many people will be looking at that as, ‘do people my age still knock boots and have a good time behind closed doors?’ I mean, your parents,” Gerry said to Palmer. “Are you still feeling like mom and dad come down the stairs with a little extra spring in their step? I may be having that kind of day.”

“TMI, TMI Gerry,” Palmer said, laughing.

Host Jesse Palmer has a frank discussion with Gerry about what lies ahead in the fantasy suites. (ABC)

Gerry got serious for a moment about loving the idea of pillow talk as an “opportunity to talk without filters… because of the proximity and the level of communication goes way up because the barriers go way down.”

Palmer then doubled down on the fantasy suite topic by bringing up intimacy, and when Gerry asked him to define the word, a bumbling Palmer whispered, “Um… Sexual… How babies get made… How can I say this… on Disney?”

When Palmer finally got the point across that he’s wondering if Gerry is ready to have sex with them, the Golden Bachelor had quite the response.

“Oh sure. What are you, crazy? What are you, nuts? It’s like, there are moments when you go, ‘I’m not gonna pass this up. This may be the last time in my life,’” Gerry said.

Of course the star of the show also reiterated that he will make sure the women are as comfortable as possible and feeling the same way as him before anything happens.

His date with Leslie

After rapeling down to a waterfall and sharing some romantic moments together, Gerry and Leslie sat down for a nice dinner that included a discussion about their potential future together and what that might look like, especially with her desire to not leave her kids and grandkids in Minneapolis.

But what really sparked things up is when Gerry told her to ask him some tough questions.

“When’s the last time you had sex?” she quickly asked, catching Gerry off guard and nearly causing a spit take.

“Well, I need to clarify. Are you talking about by myself or with someone?” he asked as they both laughed.

They went on to reveal that for Gerry it’s been “a long time” and for Leslie it’s “been a year.” And so when they opened the customary invite/key to the fantasy suite, they both gladly accepted.

After viewers got to see them getting to know the room for a bit, their fantasy suite scene ended with them on the bed kissing. As the camera cut to the outside of the room viewers heard a few lines of just audio from the couple, discussing the thermostat.

“Oh my god it’s set at 80. What do you like, 70?” Gerry asked.

“Sixty-nine,” Leslie replied, as they both giggled.

His date with Theresa

After some horseback riding and chats on a bench, it was time for a fancy dinner between Gerry and Theresa that began with a deep dive into her career in finance that she built later in life.

As the conversation got more personal, Theresa revealed that she hasn’t been with anyone since her husband passed away and said to Gerry: “So tonight, if we did decide together to be together, it’s extremely important to me. It’s a decision I don’t take lightly at all.”

Gerry agreed and respectfully handed over their fantasy suite invite.

“My answer is overwhelmingly yes,” she said.

And that was that, as Gerry abruptly ended the dinner and conversation with, “I think we should just go right now and find our spot.”

As they toured the suite, Theresa was seen saying in a confessional that she’s “ready” to spend the night with Gerry.

“And Gerry seems just as excited as I am,” she added.

Their fantasy suite scene ended with them on the bed kissing. And as the camera cut to a “do not disturb sign” outside of the room, viewers heard one line of just audio from the couple.

“You’re really good at that,” Gerry said as they both giggled.

Viewer reactions

It was pretty clear that Gerry and his two dates enjoyed their time together in the fantasy suites. But not all the viewers reacting on social media were quite as ready for all the action.

The aftermath

And while it was all fun and maybe even some games in the fantasy suites, Gerry was left facing a pretty tough decision.

“Right now I’m dying inside,” he said in a confessional at the end of the episode. “I’m in love with both of them, and in each case I’ve told them, ‘I love you.’ With each of them, I can see a life together.”

It’s all made tougher by the fact that Gerry has since admitted in interviews that he regrets saying “I love you” and being intimate with more than one person.

“I’ve always tried to commit to myself to only try and say ‘I love you’ to one person for the rest of my life. I only wanted to be intimate with one person for the rest of my life. I failed at that,” he told Variety.

The Golden Bachelor finale airs Nov. 30th on ABC.

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