‘Golden Bachelor’ cast member skips her daughter’s wedding to be on the show, and viewers have choice words

Gerry and wedding skipper Sandra FaceTime with her daughter bride.

It was another busy night on The Golden Bachelor with ladies going to great lengths for love with things like faking an injury, getting a real injury, actually telling someone to “zip it” and even missing a daughter’s wedding.

The night included an ATV-riding one-on-one date between Gerry and Leslie and a pickleball tournament group date with the remaining women. The cast also received visits from the original Bachelorette — who had some advice to offer — and the new upcoming Bachelor Joey Graziadei, who was there to help with people’s pickleball skills.

Here’s a rundown of the night’s buzziest moments.

Wedding day rain check

The biggest head-turning or perhaps head-scratching moment of the night was the nonchalant conversation between Sandra and Gerry about how she was missing her daughter’s wedding that day.

“This is something my daughter and I discussed early on. She said, ‘Mom, I’ve got my guy. I want you to go get yours,’” the 75-year-old retired executive assistant explained.

Gerry, a father of two, said he “felt flattered” that she chose him over such a “big event” and suggested that they call Sandra’s daughter. After eventually figuring out how to use FaceTime — “we’re too old for this” she said — the pair was able to congratulate the bride and share a nice moment.

“That was so sweet of him. He’s always full of these sweet surprises and he’s so thoughtful. This man is something different,” Sandra said of Gerry.

While missing the event was downplayed by Gerry and Sandra, viewers reacting on social media had thoughts. Some said it was a bold move that deserved a one-on-one, others felt like they would be upset if it was their mother, and some thought it showed a not-so-great side to Sandra.

Sandra ended up receiving the group date rose from Gerry. But later she was seen eating ice cream, something she “should not” have been doing because she’s apparently lactose intolerant. By the time the cocktail party and rose ceremony rolled around, she was sick in bed.

Pickleball falls

Before Sandra’s big news about the wedding, she and seven other women participated in a pickleball tournament with 71-year-old Ellen and 70-year-old Kathy tearing up the court and earning the grand prize – aka a kiss each from Gerry.

During the tournament, a smooth move was played by 65-year-old April, who fell to the ground with an apparent injury that resulted in Gerry rushing to her side — which is exactly what she wanted.


Faker April takes a tumble for Gerry’s attention during a pickleball group date. (ABC)

“Actually, I’m totally fine,” April said with a wink in a confessional interview.

We later learn that a different person, 60-year-old Nancy, did get injured during pickleball with a stress fracture in her leg and was in a walking boot. And then, after a candid conversation with Gerry, she ended up voluntarily leaving the show mid-cocktail party due to a lack of connection with the Golden Bachelor.

Pre-rose ceremony drama

The tensions and drama between Kathy and Theresa from last week spilled over into this week as well, regarding Kathy’s issues with Theresa sharing too much about her moments with Gerry. At one point Kathy offered some “friendly advice” to Theresa which was, “zip it.”

So Theresa told Gerry about her seemingly endless feud with Kathy and Gerry confronted Kathy about it, who claimed that she was “not a villain.”

Rose ceremony drama

At the end of the night — and with Nancy already having said her goodbyes — there were still two more people to send packing. It came down to April the injury faker and the feuding Kathy and Theresa for the final rose, with the latter getting it.

Gerry bids adieu to

Gerry bids adieu to drama queen Kathy. (ABC)

A look ahead

With just six women left and hometown dates looming in a couple of weeks, the preview for next week shows that a few women are officially falling in love with Gerry, and he seems to be feeling the same with multiple people. This, of course, leads him to some seriously emotional moments and a tease that he wanted to leave the show, or at least one of his interviews.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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