How to watch ‘Couple to Throuple:’ Everything you need to know about the steamy new reality show

Are your usual reality dating shows like The Bachelor or Farmer Wants a Wife just not providing enough drama this season? Well you’re in luck, because just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s a new romantic reality show coming your way, and it promises things are going to get … complicated. Couple to Throuple, Peacock’s new polyamorous dating series, will follow four “curious couples” who are open to inviting a third person into their relationship. Every two days at the couples’ tropical paradise resort, contestants will have an opportunity to get to know new, “open-minded singles” interested in becoming lucky number three. Are you ready to tune in? Here’s everything you need to know about Couple to Throuple.

When does Couple to Throuple come out?

The first three episodes of the new reality dating show drop Thursday, Feb. 8 on Peacock.

How to watch Couple to Throuple:


How many episodes of Couple to Throuple will there be?

Peacock’s series foray into polyamory will have 10 episodes in its first season, dropping in batches of three (apart from the Couple to Throuple finale) on a weekly basis.

Couple to Throuple host:

The new Peacock Original Series is hosted by Scott Evans and “guided” by sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard.

Couple to Throuple cast:

Dylan and Lauren in Season 1 of

Dylan and Lauren in Season 1 of “Couple to Throuple. (Peacock)

So who are these brave couples considering opening up their relationships on Season 1 of Couple to Throuple?

Couple 1:

Ashmal Ali is a 27-year-old Chicago attorney, his partner Rehman Bhatti is 31, from Detroit, Michigan, and works in PR. The pair are the show’s only same-sex couple.

Couple 2:

Brittne Babe is a 28-year-old celebrity personal trainer. Her 30-year-old partner Sean is a music producer from Los Angeles, California.

Couple 3:

29-year-old set designer Corey Potter is from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and his partner, Wilder Bunke is a 30-year-old photographer from Los Angeles.

Couple 4:

29-year-old Lauren Bair and 32-year-old Dylan Bair are a married couple from Arizona. They are currently expecting a baby, and announced their pregnancy back in January.

Where is Couple to Throuple filmed?

Much like Love Island, Fboy Island and most of the best reality dating shows, Couple to Throuple is set on a remote, romantic island — particularly around Panama, according to reporting.

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