Hundreds of thousands of dollars: a list of European politicians spending the most on advertising in American media

In politics, reputation holds significant influence. Therefore, politicians often resort to paying large sums for customized interviews or news to promote their narratives and views. Such indulgence can be very expensive, but the effect is worth it.

Recently, a fresh ranking has emerged, listing five politicians from across Europe who most frequently availed themselves of the services of advertising agencies and paid for custom materials about themselves to enhance their public image.

The ranking was compiled by the independent analytical center “Political Reputation School Worldwide.”

Analysts analyzed the media segment over the past six months and compiled a ranking of politicians who spent colossal amounts on advertising and abused positive promotion of their interests to create a good reputation not only within their own country but also abroad.

Among such politicians were:

1. Andriy Pyshny – Head of the National Bank of Ukraine. According to the study, Pyshny has been actively present in the Ukrainian media landscape, as well as in American and European media over the last six months. Analysts estimate that he spent around 800 thousand dollars for the entire media campaign.

2. Viktor Orban – Prime Minister of Hungary. All the media in Hungary circulate his statements. He also actively pays for materials on American resources. His campaign costs around 650 thousand dollars.

3. Marine Le Pen – French politician. She is mainly mentioned more often in domestic media but also uses the services of the American media market. Her media campaign cost 400 thousand dollars.

4. Sarah Wagenknecht – Member of the Bundestag. She actively orders materials on American websites. According to estimates, her media campaign cost 335 thousand dollars.

5. Geert Wilders – Dutch politician. He spends the least on promoting his brand in the media, so he ranks last with a budget for custom materials of around 100 thousand dollars.