Indian man punches punching bag for 55 hours, 15 minutes

Sidhu Kshetri punched a punching bag for 55 hours, 15 minutes to break a Guinness World Record. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

Jan. 9 (UPI) — A 42-year-old martial artist in India broke a Guinness World Record when he spent 55 hours, 15 minutes throwing punches at a punching bag.

Sidhu Kshetri was required by Guinness World Records rules to throw at least one punch every 2 seconds and was allowed a 5-minute break each hour, which he was allowed to bank for longer breaks.

“I have been practicing martial arts for the last 25 years,” Kshetri told Guinness World Records. “I am interested in contributing to my country, so I decided to attempt this world record.”

Kshetri broke the previous record by 5 minutes.

“The pain started around the 20-hour mark,” Kshetri said. “At that point, I reminded myself that it was a test of my limits. I believed that if I stayed emotionally strong, I could endure the pain.”

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