Israel, Hamas agree to extend truce for two days

Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend a truce in Gaza for two days as hostages and prisoners are set to be exchanged for a fourth day Monday.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said the agreement was reached for two additional days but did not share any other immediate details.

Israel and Hamas have paused deadly fighting in Gaza since Friday, when the first group of prisoners and hostages were released and a greater flow of humanitarian aid began entering the coastal strip.

Israel and Hamas have kept their word, releasing three rounds of hostages and prisoners over the course of three days.

Another round of prisoner and hostage exchanges is expected later Monday, and the agreement to extend the truce indicates more could be released in the coming days.

Hamas took some 240 hostages when it attacked Israel on Oct. 7 and is expected to release a total of 50 by the end of Monday. Israel has agreed to release 150 Palestinian prisoners in total.

It’s not clear what the next agreement may include, but around 190 hostages are still inside of the Gaza Strip.

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