Israel-Hamas war live updates: Gaza braces for Israeli ground invasion and waits for aid

Families of Israeli hostages are split on a possible ground invasion of Gaza

The New York Times reports:

Maayan Zin, whose two daughters, 15 and 8, were kidnapped, feels that the country should do anything it can to bring back the hostages.

‘I don’t understand defense and warfare,’ she said in an interview. ‘I just want them to return my daughters — the world, the military chief of staff and the prime minister.’

Avichai Broduch, a 42-year-old farmer from Kibbutz Kfar Azza, is also waiting for the return of hostages: his wife, Hagar, and their three children, Ofri, 10; Yuval, 8; and Uriah, 4.

He is unsure what a ground invasion of Gaza would accomplish. ‘It simply won’t help,’ Broduch said, adding that it could work if it were done to ‘restore peace.’

But ‘if the goal is to spill blood, then God help us,’ he said. ‘I just want the state to fulfill its obligation to bring our kids back home.'”

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