Kevin Clark: Why Bill Belichick’s demise is a ‘football tragedy’

Kevin Clark: Why Bill Belichick’s demise is a ‘football tragedy’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The chatter about Bill Belichick’s uncertain future in New England only grew louder after the Patriots‘ Week 9 loss to the Washington Commanders.

With the Patriots an unacceptable 2-7 on the season, it seems more likely than not that Belichick’s tenure as head coach and general manager is nearing its end. A once-unfathomable thought for Pats fans suddenly is being discussed as a foregone conclusion.

The Patriots potentially parting ways with Belichick is the No. 1 top sports topic in New England, but how is the situation being perceived nationally? ESPN’s Kevin Clark joined Tom E. Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast to share his perspective.

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“As a football observer, someone who studies football history, somebody who studied the Belichick era really closely, as much as anybody can outside of that market … From that perspective, it kind of breaks my heart,” Clark said. “I don’t want anyone to jump on me, but it feels like the guy who always had the next idea is out of ideas. And that, to me, as someone who was always writing about the next idea or what he was able to do to gain an edge, whether that’s via roster, whether that’s via a defensive scheme, offensive scheme, ‘Hey, we’re going to use this guy.’ …

“He’s always been at the cutting edge of football. And for me to see this team now, which not only has no personnel, no quarterback play to speak of, but just no ideas — that, to me, is a football tragedy.

“You knew this day would happen. It eventually happens to every great coach. But I’m surprised at how bad it’s gotten this quickly.”

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