‘Masked Singer’ ironically sends home rock legend on rock ‘n’ roll night

It was a busy night on Wednesday’s The Masked Singer, as two celebrities were revealed and sent packing, while a total of three correct guesses came from the judges.

It was the finals for Group B with Husky, Tiki and Sea Queen vying for one spot in the finals, trying to join Cow and Gazelle from Group A.

The night’s theme was “I Wanna Rock,” and came complete with an appearance from Kelly Osbourne, who was Ladybug on season 2 and is best known to rock ‘n’ roll fans as Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. Bret Michaels from the band Poison — and season 3’s Banana — also made an appearance, which included him singing one of his band’s hit songs, “Nothin’ But a Good Time.”

After all three masked singers performed once, one was eliminated while the other two went on to the Battle Royale round to determine who would make it to the finals, based on their cover of the aforementioned Poison song. Here’s a look at who was under the masks, who went home and who’s moving on.

Husky headed home

Husky barked out the song “Always” by Bon Jovi and also revealed a clue that once put them on one of host Nick Cannon’s other shows, Wild ‘N Out. But the performance wasn’t enough to move Husky into the Battle Royale and instead they were sent for the big reveal.

And while judges Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Ken Jeong couldn’t come up with the right person, guessing Brian McKnight and Romeo Miller respectively, both Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke correctly guessed that it was R&B singer Ginuwine.

The 53-year-old Grammy-nominated crooner is best known for the hit song “Pony.” He told Entertainment Weekly that he initially didn’t want to do the show, but eventually came around:

“I didn’t really care to do it. I’m pretty much a loner and I’m pretty private and stay to myself, but this was something that was out of the norm and it was a chance for me to come out of my comfort zone.”

Tiki takin’ it off

After Tiki and Sea Queen had a nice time performing “Nothin’ But a Good Time” for the judges — and Michaels, too — it was Sea Queen that made it through and Tiki that had to take off the mask. Which apparently isn’t as easy it sounds.

Tiki ended up getting stuck inside the mask, which required stagehand assistance to be removed. When it finally was, Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was underneath.

The judges’ guesses for Tiki — who sang the KISS song “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” in the first round — included Jeong saying Jon Bon Jovi, Thicke saying Perry Farrell, McCarthy-Wahlberg going with Adam Lambert and Scherzinger correctly guessing Bach.

Ironically Bach’s name has been guessed by the judges quite a few times throughout the show’s run, whenever contestants had a rock-sound of any kind. So odds are it was bound to happen.

Sea Queen of the night

After belting out Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” in the first round, Sea Queen’s version of “Nothin’ But a Good Time” was enough to put them into the season 10 finals, which will take place after a winner is determined from Group C next week.

Judge guesses for Sea Queen on Wednesday included Niecy Nash, Macy Gray, Viola Davis and Queen Latifah. Most viewers guessing on social media are also thinking Gray, with Keke Palmer’s name also being thrown around.

Rock ‘n’ Roll wins the day

It was a big night for fans of rock ‘n’ roll, because based on much of the reactions on X (formerly Twitter) from the night, they were one happy bunch.

Next week’s Group C finals will reveal and send home two more people, and viewers will learn the final masked singer to head to the finals out of Anteater, Candelabra and Donut.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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