Travis Kelce traveled to Argentina for Taylor Swift, and late night — and the world — went wild

One of the biggest stories in popular culture currently is that of the blossoming love story between pop star Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce, and after the pair had another big weekend in the spotlight, the titans of late night had plenty to say about it.

Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, were on a bye week this past weekend so he traveled to Argentina to attend a show of Swift’s. And at that show, Swift changed the lyrics in one of her songs to reference Kelce — which he visibly reacted to. She later ran offstage and straight into his arms for a hug and kiss as they disappeared into the tunnel still embracing. And all of these things were captured by fans on video and have lived rent-free in the minds of millions for the past couple of days.

Here’s what the big three late-night hosts had to say about Swelce’s weekend out… in Argentina.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“This is exciting to me because I love Taylor. I’m what you call a Swiffer. I’d go so far as to call myself a WetJet. Anyway, Trav-Trav was down there to see Tay-Tay’s tour-tour. And it was extra special because during the concert Taylor changed the lyrics to one of her songs in a nod to Travis Kelce,” Colbert said, before playing a clip of the song “Karma.”

“Actually, it’s a little embarrassing. She got that one wrong. Karma is not the guy on the Chiefs, Kelce is the guy on the Chiefs. Here’s a tip, Taylor: Their names are right on the back of their shirts.”

“Of course, this is not the first time a pop icon has changed her lyrics to honor an NFL boyfriend,” Colbert quipped, and then cut to a clip of Celine Deon singing, “Near. Far. Wherever you Gronk.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Have you seen this video of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? … Travis Kelce flew all the way to Argentina to see Taylor Swift in concert, and you know she makes him buy the tickets? He has to get them on Ticketmaster, like everybody else. And after the show, she comes off stage, and he’s there, she runs, jumps into his arms, and then he ran her back 57 yards for a touchdown.”

“These two! She’s on tour around the world and still makes it to his games on Sundays. He’s in the middle of football season, flying to Buenos Aires … they’re making it very hard for every other couple that’s in a long-distance relationship right now. (Gestures like he’s on the phone.) Oh, you can’t make it to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving this year? Travis flew to Singapore for Taylor!”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“Well, everyone’s talking about this: Saturday night, Travis Kelce went to Taylor Swift’s concert in Argentina. And during Taylor’s performance of Karma,” she changed the words of the song to say, ‘Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, comin’ straight home to me.’ Meanwhile, the Chief’s punter, Tommy Townsend, was like, ‘Oh my god, is Taylor singing about me?’”

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