Trea Turner on new MLB jerseys: ‘Everyone hates them’

Trea Turner on new MLB jerseys: ‘Everyone hates them’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

New is not always better, at least according to many MLB players this Spring Training.

Teams across baseball are wearing new Nike uniforms, called the Vapor Premier, a change in design in an effort to keep the players cooler. They are manufactured by Fanatics, and a pair of Phillies that were asked about them are not pleased.

Shortstop Trea Turner pulled no punches. “I know everyone hates them,” he told the Associated Press. “We all liked what we had. We understand business, but I think everyone wanted to keep it the same way, for the most part, with some tweaks here or there.”

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told the AP he expected some early backlash, but he doesn’t expect it to last.

“In baseball, any new initiative, there’s going to be some negative feedback… The jerseys are different. They’re designed to be performance wear as opposed to what has traditionally been worn. So they are going to be different, but they have been tested more extensively than any jersey in any sport.”

MLB issued a press release announcing the new unis, with testimonials from some of the biggest names in the game.

“These new uniforms fit better and feel lighter,” said Braves superstar Ronald Acuña. “I play fast and want to wear something that won’t pull when I’m running. Feeling free in the jersey is the best feeling in the world.”

It’s a press release. What did you expect him to say? Not so coincidentally, if you go to Nike’s baseball home page, Ronald is there to greet you.

Phillies reliever Matt Strahm isn’t in love with the new uniforms, but he definitely has a mature take on all of it.

“Don’t fix what’s not broken. The looks of it, it just looks different,” Strahm said. “It is what it is. Deal with what we’ve got. Anytime you change something, there’s a learning curve and adjustment period. How many people in America get to choose their work uniforms?

As Manfred said, there’s almost always push back on new things. Here’s hoping the jerseys don’t slow the Phillies down on their quest to get back to the postseason.

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