Ukraine debuts ground-based military anti-tank robot

Kamikaze robot Ratel S of Ukrainian production

The developers of the Brave1 defense tech cluster have created a ground-based kamikaze robot, named the Ratel S, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister announced on Telegram on Oct. 24.

The Ratel S can serve as a mobile warhead carrying anti-tank mines or as a weapon station. Its technology allows operators to destroy tanks or an enemy dugout from a safe location.

“Ratel S has successfully passed field tests and has been put into mass production,” said Fedorov.

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The vehicle has a maximum speed of 24 km and a range of 6 km. It can operate for up to 2 hours without recharging.

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Minister Fedorov said that almost 2,000 military drones had been sent to the front. In 2023, the production of Ukrainian drones increased by more than 100 times, compared to last year.

Widespread use of drones by both the Russian and Ukrainian forces have sparked a drone arms war, with Ukraine using a number of newly developed drones to inflict massive damage on Russians personnel and materiel.

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